Caught In The Act

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Brushing Up Dirt

You and Sal go for a little boat ride so you can intercept someone. That someone was R.C. Hole's assistant and you yank him off his boat. You go to somewhere quiet, but you're in the wasp's nest of the Secret Service...

Government Agency

Sal is driving the boat and you are manning an M4, killing any goon trying to stop you. You have to make sure you kill as many as you can and stop the damage meter filling up. Some are on rocks, before you come up to three jettys with a load of them on it. Shoot the explosive barrels for a quick kill, before Sal jumps the jetty, killing the agents beneath. Shoot down the helicopter and you will learn the Mayor was being sheltered by the Forellis.

Reward: $2000


Sal gives you a call about a guy, Leon McAffrey, that wants you to acquaint yourself with him. You will open Leon's line of missions.