False Idols

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Father Ned has heard about "false idols" flying in and around Liberty City. They are heading for the 20thC. Building to do an interview with Lazlow for LCFR. You need to kill them before they make that interview.

The Lord's Dirty Work...The Final Act

You have Black Lightman discharging himself from rehab to the interview by Limo, DB-P will get a boat to his bulletproof Patriot at the Condos before coming to the interview, and Faith W. will come by chopper. Get the Rocket Launcher from Phil Cassidy's and get to the intersection leading from the Condos facing the Multistorey Car Park. DB-P and Black Lightman will cross by here. You can then drive back quickly to shoot down Faith W. before getting back to Father Ned. Turns out Father Ned was Ned Burner, one of LC's most ambitious journalists. He's been making you kill those people and drop those files off at Liberty Tree Offices so he had massive stories to write up so he can progress in journalism. You've been had. The Church Confessional missions are over.

Reward: $1500