Sayonara Sindaccos

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A Snake in the Grass

Toni isn't too convinced with this set-up after an introduction Leon McAffrey, a crook inside the LCPD. Leon has Salvatore's interests of the city at heart, and he wants to start a shootout with some of the Sindaccos...

Target Practice

Get into Leon's flash car and drive over to Bedford Point, prime Sindacco territory. You will have an M4 when you are ordered to kill the Sindaccos around this area. These guys are equipped with AK47s, but the M4's greater range should compensate for health.

After cleaning up here, the next step after getting back into McAffrey's car is a rail shooter. You will have to fend off the Sindaccos that pursue you on motorbikes, cars, and even a helicopter, unless you want to fill up your damage meter and wind up wasted. After finishing up, Leon ditches Toni and brings an end to the mission.

Reward: $1,500