The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

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Working With Him...Again?

Toni calls Vinnie to see where he is. He is in the hull of a ship nearby and he wants you to meet him there.

Dealing With This Guido

Head to the ship and you will see a guy run down the steps. Follow him down to see a hit - of chainsaws. The trick is to keep running - and if you run out of stamina, try hopping away from them. Once all of them are dead, you meet a jealous and very angry Vincenzo bidding you his last words and will start shooting at you with his Micro SMG. Kill him, pick up his SMG if you want and exit.

Reward: $3000


That's ended Vincenzo's missions. Sal calls, saying he needs help and it opens his missions up. You've also unlocked the Overalls Outfit used for the newly unlocked side mission, Slash TV.