L.C. Confidential

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Help From Above

Father Ned tells you about how you're going to be the Lord's right hand for a while. A "sinner" is about to hand over files to the FBI. These files are fabricated reports about doping the nation's athletes, and that you need to get it from him before they are handed over.

The Lord's Dirty Work...Act 1

You have to get to the crime scene - a Hit and Run at the Newport overpass. Get in the FBI Cruiser, and drive to your next destination - Tw@. The guy will realise your a decoy, so swing the Cruiser round and run him over. Grab the files and go to Liberty Tree Offices to drop them off.

Reward: $1500


At the crime scene, there is $1500 in dropped cash. You can quickly pick it up and head to the pickup.