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A Volatile Situation

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Don't Get Blown Away

JD's double-life is proving to be a bit useful here. He's heard about the Sindacco's plans to destroy the Casino owned by the Leones in Saint Marks.

Save The Casino

You will have to protect the casino through four waves of Sindacco goons. Two come in their gangcar, a Sindacco Argento, each carrying four Sindacco gangsters. Three will attack you, another will get up close to plant a bomb. The casino only takes two regular bombs before getting destroyed. The third goons are in a Patriot, again there are four of them. The last one has two goons with a truck full of a lot of explosives, enough to destroy the casino. You can destroy it before it gets to the casino, or you will have to drive to a safe distance while it is stuck in first gear when it parks at the casino. After the casino has survived, your job is done.

Reward: $1000


Some of the Sindaccos drop Pistols and Mac 10s, so it would be good to pick them up for ammo.
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