Hot Wheels

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Just A Car...

Vincenzo is calling his mom whilst he gets "servicing" under the table with one of his broads, to Toni's disgrace. But Vincenzo tells you that he has a car full of coke and that he needs it to his lockup, and reminds you of the Mafia hierachies when you agree to disagree.

A Lot of Heat

Get to the Banshee, before you realise the cops were dotted on the car. Quickly get away and lose the 3-star wanted level before dropping the car off. You tell Vinnie that you don't want to be chased by cops, resigning from his jobs and then you decide revenge is key. Drop it at the crusher and watch the vehicle get put in a small metal cube, so to speak.

Reward: Money earnt from the crusher


You have finished Vincenzo's missions, and at this point your momma calls you and opens up her missions, which we will do later.