Triads And Tribulations

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This is war. Toni wants you to kill a number of Triad Warlords, just to piss them off a bit more.

War In Liberty City

There are three Triad Warlords around China Town, and Toni wants you to kill them. You can take two Mafia Bodyguards with you which adds to the fun of this mission, despite the fact the whole city is at war with each other. First drive into the side of China Town closest to the Red Light District and run over the warlord there. Next move into the center of China Town, at the market, exit your vehicle and shoot the warlord and his gang members there. The last soldier is in the Triad Fish Factory. You don't have to go in to kill him though, you can just climb to the top of the hill near the Callahan Bridge and throw grenades over the wall or shoot him.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

If you like gang wars, this is the best mission in the game. You might want to just get involved in the war and forget about the mission because it's extremely fun to take part in the Mafia vs Triad war with no police involvement!