Blow Fish

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Toni wants to end the Triads once and for all by blowing up their fish factory.

Smells A Bit Fishy

Drive down to 8 Ball's where you can pick up a Trashmaster for the mission. You then have to drive it to the Triad Fish Factory near Atlantic Quays without crashing it very much at all. Make your way through Saint Marks, past Portland Harbor and then to the Triad Fish Factory. Drive through the gates and park the vehicle near the gas tanks and hit fire to arm the bomb. Quickly get out of your vehicle and move pretty far back, then watch the fireworks. You might want to kill the remaining Triads before they kill you though. Make specifically sure that you stick to the roads for this mission. Although it might seem to take longer, you still have enough time to do it, and you can't risk blowing up the vehicle which is extremely fragile.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

The Triads are totally pissed at you now, but you don't have any more missions involving them. Looks like the Mafia won.