The Pick Up

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The Laundry has agreed to pay, so Toni wants you to go and collect the money from China Town.


Get in a vehicle and make your way into the center of China Town. Before parking and getting out, I suggest turning your car around and facing the way you came for a quick getaway. Next walk along the small alley and grab the briefcase. Now you'll see a short cutscene where a number of Triads come after you, so either run like hell to your car, or stand there and fight. Either way you need to kill them all so do whatever it takes. Once they're all dead you can make your way back to Toni's to drop of the cash.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Remember the location you picked up the briefcase? That's the only place in the game that you can find a Mr. Wongs van. Drive back there and check it out. Looks just like a Triad Fish Van, but seems to have more speed and better handling.