Salvatore's Called A Meeting

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Salvatore, the head man of the Mafia wants all of the main members to meet with him at his mansion. You need to pick them up and drive them.

Meet The Don

Grab a vehicle and drive to Joey's garage in Trenton. After the cutscene you'll be driving a Stretch Limo so don't damage it. Next you need to drive into the Red Light District to pick up Luigi from his club. Once you've got him, head to Toni's place and pick him up. You'll now have a number of Triad Fish Vans on your tail, so quickly turn up the street and head for Salvatore's mansion. Break through the roadblock, then stop inside the garage and wait for the door to close.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

It doesn't seem to take very long from being broken out of prison, to being trusted with the safety of three of the Mafia's most important men.
Salvatore Leone has been unlocked as a new crime boss.