Grand Theft Auto

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Kenji owes someone a favour, and wishes to use cars as a gift. Of course he probably can't drive, so you need to steal them and deliver them in perfect condition.

Gone In 360 Seconds

This mission involves speed, but more importantly good driving. You need to steal three cars in six minutes. It's kind of on the same scale as the movie "Gone In Sixty Seconds", but it is kind of a let down to name this mission after the whole gaming franchise when only 3 vehicles are stolen. Anyway, when the mission starts grab a fast car and head to the car park in Bedford Point where you'll find a Stinger. Get in it and speed to the garage which is next to the Pay N' Spray. You cannot damage the vehicle, but if you do, you will need to take it to the Pay N' Spray first which will cost you a bit of time. Once that car is delivered, head to the Hospital car park and grab the Cheetah. Head back to the garage without scratching the car and fix it if necessary. The final car is an Infernus and is parked in front of the stadium. Head along to there and pick it up, then take it to the garage and it's Grand Theft Auto complete.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Make sure you park the cars perfectly straight in the garages and far enough in so the game registers them before exiting your vehicle.