Deal Steal

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The Cartel are trying to make an alliance with the Yardies in order to fight back against the Yakuza. You are in charge of tricking the Cartel into hating the Yardies.

Gang Warfare

You need a Yardie Lobo to complete this mission so head towards the construction site from where you are at the Casino. You'll definitely find a number of Yardie Gang cars here, so pick one up and then head to the road next to your hideout and pick up your contact. From here, drive to the hospital car park and park in the blue circle. Hit the horn button to get the deal going, then after the cutscene just mow all of the Cartel members down and blow up their cars. A Drive-By works best, but you can use on foot weapons too, such as a Flamethrower. Pick up the briefcase and take it back to the Casino.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

If you've never been in one before, you can use the hydraulics on the Yardie lobo. Use whichever controls apply to looking around in first person to move the car in that direction.