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8-Ball wants you to get revenge on a guy called Scorelli for putting a good friend of his in the hospital. He wants you to whack some of his goons and steal his car.

Revenge Is Sweet

Make your way South West to an alleyway where you'll find some of Scorelli's goons and one of his high ranking officers.

You'll notice a damage meter appear on the right hand side of the screen. This is his officers health. There are about 5 enemies alongside the officer, and you'll need to take them all out. A few of them have guns, some will come at you with bats, so keep sprinting away from them and turning around to shoot them as they run towards you.

The officer will take a few more hits to kill than the rest of them, but you should manage to take them all out without getting killed yourself.

You'll probably have a few stars wanted level after the gun fight, so lose the cops either at the Pay N' Spray or via police bribes, then make your way to the North West of Portland where you'll find Scorelli's car in a car park.

Once you've got it, you'll be ambushed by a load of his goons. Escape from the car park and head to the South East of the map. You need to get the vehicle sprayed.

Once it's sprayed, his goons should stop chasing you, so just make your way back to 8-Ball's and drop off the car.

Mission Passed!