Ante Up

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Asuka wants you to get some money from a casino who aren't paying her, or torch the place.

Boom Boom Casino...?

Head to the Casino which is directly East of Asuka's place. When you arrive, the guy who owes Asuka the money will tell you he can't afford to pay because there's a corrupt cop who keeps shaking him down. He asks you to kill them cop and he'll pay.

Mike has to decide whether to just blow up the casino or kill the cop. You have a choice. You will probably still have a car bomb so it wouldn't be hard to blow up the casino, but I opted to head North and kill the corrupt cop.

If you choose to kill the cop, you'll have to ram the cop car, or shoot it until he gets out and tries to arrest you. This will obviously cause a wanted level so you'll have to be careful not to get arrested. The best tactic is just to park in front of him, then blast his car a few times with a shotgun. Then when he gets out, just blast him twice and he'll die.

Then you'll need to lose a three star wanted level. You could use bribes at your hideout, but either way, you HAVE to go to the Pay N' Spray to move onto the next part of the mission. Mike says he'll go collect the money from the Casino owner.

The owner gives you Asuka's money and gives you some for helping him out. Grab the briefcase then make your way back to Asuka's. Mike says she'll be pleased you got the money without needing to blow the place up, although she says she wants you to be more of a naughty boy next time.

Mission Passed!