Race and GTA Race

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Name: Race/GTA Race
Players: 2-16 players
Teams: None
About Race: Get in front and win one of the many tracks available. Highest ranking players win.
About GTA Race: Racing with weapons. Drive through weapon icons to pick them up and take out your opponents for added cash. You can leave your vehicle to set up traps or change vehicles. Even if you don't finish first, you can leave with the most money!

There are two sub-modes titled Free Race and Cannonball Run. Free Race is a Point A to Point B race any way you can get there. Cannonball Run is similar with multiple checkpoints around the map. These have their own tracks.


The following options are available for this mode:

  • Race Class- Supercars, Sports, Muscle, 2 Door, 4 Door, Executive, Modern, Vintage, Police, People Carrier, SUV, Pickup, Vans, Service, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Helicopters, Free Race, Cannonball Run
  • Vehicles- see below ~exempt from sub-modes
  • Color- variable depending on vehicle ~exempt from sub-modes
  • Track- see below
  • Laps- 1-8, Random ~exempt from sub-modes
  • Vehicle Damage- Normal, Scrapes Only ~exempt from sub-modes ~Race Only
  • Weapons- Off, Health Only, Pistols, SMGs, All Guns, Guns & Grenades, All Weapons ~GTA Race Only
  • Auto-Aim- Allow, Disallow ~GTA Race Only
  • Traffic- Off, Parked, Low, Medium, High
  • Pedestrians- Off, Low, Medium, High
  • Online ID Display- On, Off
  • Voice Chat- On, Off, Proximity
  • Time of Day- Random, Morning, Midday, Evening, Midnight
  • Weather- Variable, Clear, Overcast, Drizzle, Rain, Foggy
  • Description- On, Off
  • Radio Station- Off, Select Radio Station
  • Kick Player- Select Player

Class Vehicles:

  • Supercars- SuperGT, Infernus, Turismo, Comet
  • Sports- Corquette, Banshee, Feltzer, Sultan RS
  • Muscle- Saber GT, Dukes, Stallion, Vigero
  • 2 Door- Futo, Blista COmpact, Ruiner, Fortune
  • 4 Door- DF8-90, Sultan, Feroci, Presidente
  • Executive- Cognoscenti, PMP 600, Oracle, Intruder
  • Modern- Lokus, Sentinel, Premier, Hakumai
  • Vintage- Peyote, Voodoo, Manana, Virgo
  • Police- NOOSE Patriot, Police Cruiser, Police Patrol, FIB Buffalo
  • People Carrier- Rebla, Habanero, Cabby, Perennial
  • SUV- Cavalcade, Patriot, Huntley Sport, Landstalker
  • Pickup- Rancher, Cavalcade FXT, Bobcat, Contender
  • Vans- Burrito, Moonbeam, Pony, Speedo
  • Service- Enforcer, Ambulance, Mr. Tasty, Police Stockade
  • Trucks- Flatbed, Fire Truck, Biff, Phantom
  • Motorcycles- Zombie, NRG 900, Sanchez, PCJ 600, Faggio
  • Boats- Jetmax, Tropic, Squato, Police Predator
  • Helicopters- Meverick, Helitours Maverick, Police Maverick, Annihilator


  • Cars/Trucks- Random, Driving While High, Exhaust Fumes, Thunder Road, Industrial Action, Short Circuit, Don't Look Down, Duck and Weave, Drag Kings, Rize in the East, Horse Punch, Stars in your Eyes, Road to Bohan, Round the Block, Southern Switch, Bogan's Run, Bawhan Dash, Heel-and-Toe, Quick Knives, Terminal Velocity, Taxiing
  • Boats- Random, Beat the Bitch, Water Hazard, A.B.K. Endurance, Get Wrecked
  • Helicopters- Random, The 556 Connection, Smoke Screen, Noise Pollution, Buzz the Tower, Hard Eight, Boogie Down, Bohan Burning, Big Dip, Home Turf, Grand Tour
  • Free Race- Random, Black Gold, Strip Off, D-Day, Track Marks, Sinner & Saint, Heart Stopper, Coming Down, Back Breaker, Highs & Lows, Business Trip
  • Cannonball Run- Random, Cargo Haul, Long Way Round, Getting Wood, Docking, Pilgrim's Progress, Donut Dash, Get it Pumped, Drive-Thru, In the Drink, Take Off


  1. Some of the vehicles have different variations such as accessories. Simply scroll to another vehicle and then back to find the version you want.
  2. In Race, hold Triangle (PS) or Y (XB) to respawn at the last checkpoint passed. This is used in case your vehicle is stuck upside down or you run too far off the course.
  3. In GTA Race, hold Square (PS) or X (XB) to pick up weapons. Health automatically gets picked up. You can only have one weapon.
  4. Watch your back and stay in front of other players by preventing them from passing you. Either get in their way or shoot them dead.
  5. Spin out opponents that do the above mention by using the police PIT maneuver when possible or fire back.
  6. Since you can leave your vehicle in GTA Race, you can set up traps or blockade the road. Busses work great but you can also cause traffic jams with many other cars.
  7. For the sub-modes, find a vehicle as fast as possible. Swimming is not recommended.