Biker Heat

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Taking a Beating

Toni walks in on Maria crying whilst he tries to guess why she is. It turns out, in her crazy mind, she told Wayne about her being in a relationship with Toni and got hit in exchange. Toni is nonetheless speechless, before finding out where Wayne hangs out - with his biker buddies in Chinatown.


After getting down there, Wayne runs off and leaves his biker buddies to kill you. Run to a bike and give chase. Try to shoot Wayne off of his bike and once you do, you pass the mission.

Reward: $1000, Wayne drops a Stubby Shotgun and a Chisel when dead


Wayne's bike is bulletproof. You can take it - but not through a town full of enemies. A bike usually takes some damage so you are less exposed, but you are 100% exposed on this bike.