The Getaway

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Joey wants you to be the driver for a bank job which is taking place with some of his guys.

Making A Large Withdrawal

Grab a vehicle which can seat four people. I suggest a Rumpo or Pony, both of which are parked nearby. After all you're robbing a bank, so let's make it look like the movies. Once you've got your ride, head to the robbers hideout in Saint Marks. Park outside their hideout and honk the horn to get their attention. Next you'll be asked to drive to the bank in China Town, so make your way there. Before parking outside, I'd suggest making a 180º turn and facing the way you came as it will make it easier to escape. Once that's done, park in the blue circle and wait for the robbers to wave their guns about. They'll run back out and get in the truck, but you'll now have a three star wanted level. Make a dash for the alley way almost straight ahead to pick up one police bribe to drop it down to two wanted stars, then head to the Pay N' Spray in the Red Light District to remove the rest of the wanted stars. From there carefully make your way back to the robbers hideout to pass Joey's last mission.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

It's amazing how quickly these robbers can pull off a bank robbery. It takes them roughly 10 seconds!