A Drop In The Ocean

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Donald wants you to pick up a number of packages which are dropped in the ocean before anyone else gets their grubby hands on them.

Airbourne Delivery

Get to Asuka's condo as fast as you can, then go down to the dock and grab a Speeder, or any other boat you can get, and head under the Callahan Bridge. Keep going until you get level with the wooden dock on the left, then turn around and wait for the plane to fly overhead. Go relatively slowly, and pick up the packages as they are dropped. You need to be quick in a way, but slowly and surely is better than having to go past three times to pick up one you missed. Once you've got them, head back to the dock and grab a vehicle from the top. You have 5 wanted stars, so it's time to get to the Pay N' Spray if you can. Head up the ramp near Asuka's and make a few rights until you lose the FBI. Then just carefully drive back to Donald to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

No matter who you choose for your next mission, you've unlocked Shore Side Vale.
Ray Machowski is unlocked as a new crime boss.