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Donald wants you to rescue an Old Oriental Gentlemen who has been captured by the Cartel.

Oriental Gentleman

Head into Aspatria and grab a Cartel Cruiser from the construction site. Next go to the lock up area where the Cartel are situated. You will want to move in fast in the vehicle and run over as many Cartel as you can before they blow up your vehicle. Once the inevitable happens, bail and grab an AK-47 from a dead Cartel member. Finish off the other Cartel on foot, then head towards each pink garage. It will open and there will be a Cartel member inside, however there may also be the Old Gentleman, so watch who you shoot. As soon as the door opens, check to see if it's Cartel or man and kill them accordingly. Once you've picked up the man, head to Donald Love's building and you'll pass the mission. I suggest keeping your Cartel Cruiser as you'll save yourself time on the next mission.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Keep hold of a Cartel Cruiser as you'll need one for the next mission which is easily started after completion of this mission. Also be aware that you MUST complete Kenji's missions before doing the next mission for Donald Love or you won't be to finish them all.