Give Me Liberty

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You've just been involved in a rather useful explosion which has destroyed the Callahan Bridge, but allowed you to escape the Police Van which was transporting you. 8 Ball wants you to drive to a small building in the Red Light District where they can lie low for awhile and change their clothes.

My Hands Are All Messed Up...

Start by getting into the Kuruma with 8 Ball. Be aware that you must be in this vehicle to complete the mission. If you flip it, blow it up, drive into water, crush it, etc you will fail the mission and it will be restarted. Drive to the bottom of the Callahan Bridge and make a left turn. Keep going along this road until you reach the end, then make another left turn and follow it to the end. From here make a right and follow that road all the way along until you reach a small gap in the street which leads to your hideout. You should use the radar icons to help you navigate to your required location and can of course take any route you wish providing it gets you there in one piece. Once you reach the hideout, park in the blue circle and watch the short cutscene. Next 8 Ball wants you to drive him around the corner to Luigi's club, so head out of your hideout area, make a right followed by another right and drive along this road before stopping in the blue circle.

Additional Notes

If you fail the mission it will be automatically restarted.