Arms Shortage

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Ray's pal Phil (The One Armed Bandit) needs some help defending his store from some nasty Cartel members.

Lend A Hand?

Grab a vehicle and get to Phil's Army Surplus Store as fast as possible. Once there, meet up with Phil. He'll tell you to grab some weapons and then help him out. During this time it is advised that you grab whatever you can, then head out of the main gate and meet the Cartel. Blow up their trucks with grenades and kill their on foot members, then head back into Phil's place and help him get rid of the 3 or 4 Cartel who have sneaked past. Once they're all dead you can meet up with Phil to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Three things. Firstly the Tank parked at Phil's base during this mission is not explosion proof. Throw a grenade at it and it'll blow up. Secondly, the Barracks OL parked at the base on this mission is Bullet proof, so get in it before the mission gets properly underway and you should be able to keep it afterwards. The last thing is that Phil's store is open for business now, so you can buy a Rocket Launcher, shotgun or M16 for a fairly decent price.