11 More Classic GTA Radio Ads From The Ad Council

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Rockstar has posted more classic and hilarious radio advertisements from the Grand Theft Auto series. Check out ones from Vice City, Vice City Stories, San Andreas, GTA III, and Liberty City Stories below...


Vice City, 1984
  • Evacuator(as heard below). HOWITZER IS BACK. Let’s do some killing. Let’s kill for the kids.

Vice City, 1986
  • Communism PSA. If you think your child might be a red – here are some warning signs.
  • Complete the Look: Cuban Jazz. Look manly with a personalized chest wig at Vice City’s one stop shop, Complete the Look.
  • Lovefist – Live in Concert. The world tour that has been banned throughout the world comes to Vice City.

San Andreas, 1992
  • Blottos. We’ve got silver non-corrosive drinking straws, oregano grinders and much more!
  • American Bank of Los Santos. Need a home loan fast? We’ll help you get the debt you need to make life easier.
  • Renegade Cologne. For the man who wants to reek of masculinity. Nobody tells a RENEGADE what to do.
  • San Andreas Telephone Company. For those… difficult conversations.

Liberty City, 1998
  • Koala Toilet Paper. Like a soft fluffy animal you can wipe your ass with! Let the bear deal with your behind.
  • Lab Rat Cart Racing. The #1 board game is now a fully licensed videogame! www.itsvivisection.com

Liberty City, 2001
  • PetsOvernight.com: Exotic Pets Galore. For the guy that has everything. Tigers, cobras, manatees, and white rhinos. In a box. Directly to your door.

Hear them all at www.rockstargames.com/advertisingcouncil!