GTAO: Criminal Enterprises Now Available

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With a heatwave scorching Southern San Andreas, gas prices soaring, and the economy on the brink of collapse, it may look rocky out there...

But this is Los Santos, where every dark fiscal cloud has a solid silver lining. On the black market, business is booming, and opportunities abound in The Criminal Enterprises, today’s new update to GTA Online across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Entrepreneurs of all stripes are shifting their focus, adjusting and expanding their pursuits into new avenues, including:

New Source Cargo missions for Executives to launch from their Offices, along with a new daily Export Mixed Goods mission. Plus, new Warehouse Staff hires are on hand to help with sourcing, including your new manager Lupe who’s ready to drill down and synergize any business opportunities.

For MC Presidents, it’s time to accelerate club takings. Stock your bar with Sindy’s help and open your doors to LS’s finest leather-clad patrons. Custom Bike Shop owners can now share their love of two wheels by modifying and delivering bikes to paying customers. Don’t like clean money? No sweat — there are brand new Clubhouse Contracts so you can always keep your hands dirty.

Nightclub Owners can talk to Tony Prince — or log in to their office’s computer — to launch new Club Management missions. Things are always getting messy at the hottest club in town: paparazzi infestations, bouncing troublemakers from behind the velvet rope, chaperoning incapacitated VIPs… Looking to source Goods? Call Yohan and he’ll hook you up.

Calling all Gunrunners: Running low on supplies? New Resupply missions are now available to help keep your subterranean fortress fully stocked. Want to boost Research in your Bunker? Call Agent 14. Looking to expand your trade network? He can secure a contract with Ammu-Nation so you can now sell your excess weapon parts for cash.

To learn more about the ins and outs of the new business expansions, visit the official GTA Online site.

Civilians on Highway 1 aren’t the only ones who are noticing the rising gas prices — Agent ULP of the IAA is hot on the case. He’s caught a whiff of a far-reaching criminal conspiracy, and a hefty dose of gasoline fumes, and now he’s convinced that the Duggans and the FIB are colluding to rig the price of oil. The implications are dire, and the details are scant, but he’ll be in touch soon. EXPERIENCE IMPROVEMENTS The Criminal Enterprises features a wide range of GTA Online experience improvements — many of these the direct result of extensive and constructive feedback provided via our feedback website.

For those who like their personal space, business computers can now be accessed in private sessions. Now you can take on Sell and Source missions at your leisure, without the Armageddon of the competitive market. And for those who like the Armageddon, expect a boost in bonuses.

Players can now purchase max ammo for all their weapons in one go using the Interaction Menu. So quit wasting time looking through the ammo displays. Select all, load up, get straight back to the fight. And whether you’re strapping on fresh armor in the middle of a gunfight or performing emergency first aid by tearing into your fifteenth EgoChaser, you can now do both a lot faster with the Weapon Wheel.

New player-requested gameplay improvements also include:

An extensive rebalancing of the in-game economy and payouts for various activities to give players more freedom and choice in how they climb their way up the criminal ranks

A recalibration of the weaponry and countermeasures on the Oppressor Mk II

The maximum number of standard properties will be increased from 8 to 10, adding additional garage space for your collection of vehicles

And many, many more... make sure to check out our recent Newswire article on experience improvements, as well as the Title Update notes published at the Rockstar Support site.

The Criminal Enterprises also introduces brand-new shipments of Super, Sports, and Muscle cars. So, if you’re searching for a commuter car that will have jaws drop like crypto values, or you’re prepping for full-on armored warfare, check out your local dealerships today. There’s also a pet-project Stirling GT from the customization experts at Hao’s Special Works for those on the latest generation of consoles, and two new vehicles compatible with Imani Tech upgrades available through the Agency’s Vehicle Workshop.

And citizens of Los Santos know there’s only one way to age: Like a fine wine. A fine wine that’s been pumped full of formaldehyde and locked in resin. That’s why some well-loved favorites have been given a facelift. Find the Pegassi Zentorno, Benefactor Stirling GT, Grotti Turismo R, and much more with brand-new modifications and liveries.

Plus, Ammu-Nation now stocks the new Precision Rifle — a long-range, bolt-action firearm with killer accuracy for a quick clean shot.

Today also marks the beginning of a new GTA+ event period, and Members will receive an array of new benefits including the Lampadati Corsita sports car for free from Legendary Motorsport — along with two exclusive liveries. GTA+ Members will also get 50% Bonus GTA$ and RP on the new Operation Paper Trail Missions, and fees from all VIP/CEO Abilities accessed via the Interaction Menu are now waived.

Plus, additional benefits including upgrades for your Executive Office, 15% extra bonus GTA$ on Shark Card purchases, and more. For full details on all current GTA+ Member benefits, instructions on how to claim them, and more, visit the official GTA+ site.

Today through August 3, all GTA Online players will have a number of special bonuses to take advantage of, including 2X GTA$ and RP on the new Operation Paper Trail Missions. Plus, completing any Steal or Source mission (Gunrunning, Special Cargo, Import/Export Vehicle Cargo) will get you a GTA$150,000 bonus delivered within 72 hours of completion.

Completing any Gunrunning, Nightclub Warehouse, MC, or Special Cargo Sell mission will get you the White Beat Off Earphones for your character, and there is a selection of special discounts:

  • 40% off – Agency Property
  • 40% off – Agency Property Upgrades and Modifications
  • 50% off – Schyster Deviant
  • 40% off – Ocelot Lynx
  • 40% off – Lampadati Furore GT
  • 40% off – Declasse Yosemite
  • 30% off – Pegassi Zorrusso
  • 30% off – Enus Deity
  • 30% off – Vapid Dominator ASP