New Patrick Brown Artwork: GTA Legends 2012

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Patrick Brown has released an updated Grand Theft Auto Legends artwork featuring quite a few protagonists from the GTA Series including the rumored Albert De Silva of GTA V.


"I've been wanting to do my classic GTA legends for a while, I can't believe it's been 3 and a half years since my last one. SO here we go, I've got 10 protagonists here including Albert De Silva from the upcoming GTA V, they're all just having a good time in (the new) San Andreas at Albert's mansion on the hills of Vinewood... looks like Niko can't handle how good GTA V looks compared to IV

I couldn't be more excited about this game! You can expect a lot of artwork from me based on GTA V"

The protagonists from left to right:
  • Toni Cipriani - Liberty City Stories
  • Claude Speed - GTA III
  • Carl Johnson - San Andreas
  • Niko Bellic - GTA IV
  • Victor Vance - Vice City Stories
  • Johnny Klebitz - Lost and Damned
  • Tommy Vercetti - Vice City
  • Luis Lopez - Ballad of Gay Tony
  • Huang Lee - Chinatown Wars
  • Albert De Silva - GTA V

Get the large image by clicking above and check out the rest of Patrick's collection here. Also be sure to join the fun at the Grand Theft Auto 5 forums! Thanks to our friends at for the tip-off!