GamerSpawn: The History of Grand Theft Auto

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The folks over at GamerSpawn have put together a documentary about the history of the Grand Theft Auto Series. The video below is about 50 minutes long and goes through the series' small beginnings to the excitement of GTA 5.

"Until now, GamerSpawn History has focused on documenting the detailed history of triple ­A military shooter franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty. But with this documentary film, we’ll shift gears in order to bring you an in­depth look into the conception, development, and continued growth of the industry’s biggest open world action series, Grand Theft Auto. Today, Rockstar Games is a world­renowned brand and a household name for millions of gamers. But the massive franchise that continues to change and impact the industry had very small beginnings…"

Enjoy and join us at the GTA 5 forums!