Bloomberg Expose on Rockstar and GTA 6

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This is... not a usual reveal of info. Not sure if it's even real info at the end of it all but we'll give Bloomberg some credibility for now. Long story short: Rockstar is getting woke, and the next Grand Theft Auto game will have the following:

  • Female protagonist in the style of Bonnie and Clyde (so likely switch between the two)
  • Going back to Vice City. Plans for large regions including South America were pulled back but Rockstar hopes to add "new missions and cities on a regular basis" (we'll believe it when we see it, Cayo doesn't count)
  • Probably won't see a release by the end of 2024 (shocker)

The rest of the article goes into the workplace situation at Rockstar Games. Less bro and more "no, can't do that anymore". Expect the next GTA to follow. Even the employees are doubting GTA will have the same impact it used to.

Link to the short article here. Full article here.