Another 10 More Classic GTA Radio Ads

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Rockstar has released more hilarious radio ads found on the Grand Theft Auto airwaves including the first additions from 2008 Liberty City. Check them out below:

Vice City, 1984 San Andreas, 1992
  • Hampshire Nannies - All parents need a helping hand now and then, sometimes full time.
  • It’s Okay to Be Poor! - Coming soon to the Los Santos Convention Center: It’s Mike Andrews LIVE
  • Janus: Change Your Identity - People come to San Andreas to escape their past. It’s time to invent the new you.
  • Kilimanjaro (as heard below) - There’s nothing bigger. The clothes shop for enormous men.
Liberty City, 1998 Liberty City, 2008
  • Electrolytes Extreme Sports Drink - You may not be an athlete. But you can drink like one. Push your body to the extreme, then drink it back to health.
  • El Chamuco Roboto (as heard below) - From the people who brought you the Domestibot. It’s the robotic future – from south of the border.
Enjoy them all from the Advertising Council Website here and join us at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!