Grand Theft Auto On Sony's New Portable?

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Sony recently revealed their Next Generation Portable (NGP) also referred to as the PSP2 and it boasts some pretty impressive specs and features that makes the PlayStation 2 look like a block of plastic. And guess who's name shows up on a list of developers working with this new handheld? The one and only Rockstar Games of course.


Rockstar has released Grand Theft Auto on portable systems previously so it begs the question: Will we see a new GTA game on this system? Will they make an all-new game similar to Chinatown Wars or remake previous titles to fit this mini console? It seems very possible that the GTA III era games could see new light again - after recently being released for Mac. Or could Rockstar be creating other titles? A Red Dead Portable even? We'll have to wait and see how the best game company around handles this new piece of technology.

Thoughts? Join the discussion of the possibilities in the forum topic here or in the comments below. Special thanks to DuPz0r for posting info we can drool at!