Rockstar North Speaks

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Episodes From Liberty City and The Ballad of Gay Tony are out now, and some of the Rockstar North team have taken time to talk about some of the story and design choices that went into creating the two action-packed episodes that conclude the Grand Theft Auto IV storyline.

At NowGamer, Senior Level Designer Neil Ferguson discusses the inspirations behind Liberty City's nightclubs, and how a focus on nightlife opened up new gameplay opportunities.

Read Neil's interview here

Over at CVG, Associate Producer at Rockstar North, Imran Sarwar pulls back the curtain on the “Impossible Trinity” - the interweaving stories of protagonists Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez.

Why these three characters? How long were the episodes in planning? These things and more are discussed in this revealing interview...

"Anyone who's played The Lost and Damned ... can tell you that the interactions Niko has with Johnny significantly change your understanding of Niko's role in Liberty City. He's never as safe or in control as he thought he was. We wanted to provide that sense that there is always something happening on a deeper level than what's revealed to the player."

Read Imran's interview here