Fight Club Video Contest Winners

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Rockstar has finally sifted through all the entrants to their Liberty City Fight Club PC Video Editor Contest and picked a winner! The crown goes to frequent contender Fugetsudo_Jr from the USA for his pugilistic flick, "Thunder-Fist of Fury!!!".

In the clip, Luis Lopez, bullied one time too many after an encounter with some roughnecks at Cluckin' Bell - discovers that he holds the power of the 'Thunder-Fist.' In this case, great power comes with complete irresponsibility as Luis goes on a rampage with his newfound ability through the streets of Liberty. The video's clever use of the "punchout" in-game cheat and entertaining fight choreography took it over the top. Enjoy. Check it out below...

Fugetsudo_Jr's winning entry earns him a brand new Shuttle Gaming PC that has been given a kickass Ballad of Gay Tony Fight Club custom makeover as seen below. He additionally receives a Deluxe Prize Pack of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City collectibles as well as a Steam code for Rockstar Games classics on PC.


Also check out our two runners up, MR.HERO and MRICHSTON, who turned out some quality fighting-themed entries and will be rewarded with the deluxe prize pack of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City collectibles and Rockstar PC classics Steam codes.

"My End is the Beginning" by MR.HERO of France - paints a picture of Luis as a tortured underground cage fighting veteran who can't shake a life of violence and brutal revenge.

& "Clones of Bahama Mamas" by MRICHSTON of Germany. A sci-fi-ish take on the fighting theme set in the popular bridge and tunnel Algonquin nightclub. Think "Blade Runner" meets "Jersey Shore." Meets "Fight Club." Really.

Please note that winner prize fulfillment is contingent on response and completion of required eligibility forms.

The next Episodes From Liberty City Video Contest announcement is right around the corner, so stay tuned for details very soon! Discuss anything Grand Theft Auto in the forums!