Story Mission Walkthroughs

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It's done. It's taken me about 20 hours to play through the whole game while writing guides for each mission as I go, but they're all on the website now.

Firstly though, I just want to say what an AMAZING game the Ballad of Gay Tony is. It's by far and away the best version of GTA4, but that should be obvious considering the time Rockstar have had to work on it. However the story is great and the final mission is one of the best I've played in any game.

Anyway, there's 26 missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony, and most of them are pretty epic. Included in the mission walkthroughs are the requirements for "Mission 100% Completion", and my tips to help you with this, although I need to go through and rewrite some of these now that I can play through the missions again.

Check them out either from the website Guides section, or just view the Mission Walkthroughs here: The Ballad of Gay Tony Story Mission Walkthroughs.

Stay tuned over the next week or so when I'll get guides for random pedestrians, and maps for seagulls and various other collectibles, plus a 100% checklist coming soon.