EFLC Prices From Around The Web

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With the release of Episodes from Liberty City for PC and PS3 just under a week away, here's an assorted list of online sellers for you to look at:

Amazon.com: PC $29.99, PS3 $39.99
Amazon.co.uk: PC £14.99, PS3 £24.73
Best Buy: PC $29.99, PS3 $39.99
Buy.com: PC $27.99, PS3 $34.99
EBGames.com: PC $29.99, PS3 $39.99
Game: PC £19.99, PS3 £29.99
GameStop.com: PC $29.99, PS3 $39.99
Overstock.com: PC $27.24, PS3 $39.99
Play.com: PC £14.99 , PS3 £24.99
Rockstar Warehouse: PC $39.99, PS3 $39.99
SimplyGames.com: PS3 £29.89

GameFly.com will have rentals-only of the PS3 version starting at $8.95.

All prices are current as of this posting. Some of these sites also have the Strategy Guide and other deals! Feel free to post more in the comment section below. Discuss EFLC in our forums.