Interviews T2 CEO Ben Feder

online TreeFitty & IllusionRSNactivity 4982 Days Agorockstaraffiliates 2585 Views had the chance to sit down with Take-Two CEO, Ben Feder. They inquired about many things related to T2, Rockstar, and of course a bit about the actual games in terms of sales and releases. A few lines from the interview are below:

There were a few GTA releases last year, not least two hefty DLC packs. Can we expect more from Take-Two when it comes to digital add-ons?

The success of our digital offerings for GTA IV and Borderlands has given us tremendous insight into this growing segment of the industry, as well as meaningful benefits to our bottom line. You can expect Take-Two to innovate around the DLC business model with other key titles, including BioShock 2 and Red Dead Redemption.

Episodes from Liberty City was a timed 360 exclusive, and Agent is scheduled just for the PS3. What are the benefits of releasing games exclusive to a single platform?

In general, we like to make our content available to as broad of an audience as possible. That said, we’ve partnered with all three hardware manufacturers from time-to-time to create exclusive content. There are times when exclusive games may make sense, either because the platform holder is so excited about it that they are willing to share the investment risk and put an effort behind ensuring a successful launch – as was the case for the episodic content for GTA IV on 360 – or because the content is perfectly suited to the platform – as was the case with Carnival Games for the Wii and DS.

There have been movements on the Board at Take-Two, leading some to speculate a buy-out may be imminent. Is Take-Two open to an acquisition?

The proposed changes to our Board will be voted on during our annual shareholder meeting. That said, we do expect these new Board members to be elected and we welcome the new directors who each have experience in the entertainment industry. With respect to the potential for an acquisition, of course we don’t comment on speculation. As is true of all public companies, if Take-Two were to receive an offer our board would evaluate it based on the relevant factors at that time.

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