The Party

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Ken tells you that there is a party on a boat at the marina and that he has been invited, but he is too scared to show up. Tommy tells Ken that he will go, but Ken says that you will need some better looking clothes. He gives Tommy a token to get some new clothes at Rafaels.


Grab a car, or just walk to Rafaels. You can find it by following the t-shirt icon on the radar. Once you get there you'll get changed into a nice Purple suit. Now make your way to the marina. Before you leave you will notice a dude pulling up on a bike and saying something about having a nice bike, before getting off and moving away. Now is a perfect opportunity to steal your first bike. It's a Freeway. Drive off fast though, because he wants it back!

Once you get to the marina, stop in the pink circle and watch the cutscene.

You meet Colonel Cortez on the boat, and Tommy tells him that he wants his "merchandise". The Colonel asks his daughter Mercedes to look after you, so she shows you around the ship and tells you who the guests are. After this she wants you to take her to the Pole Position Club.

To The PPC

Get in a car, usually the Infernus parked pretty close works well enough and drive Mercedes to the Pole Position Club.

Mission Passed!