Grand Opening

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Jonnie wants you to blow up a disco across the street because their grand opening is going to bring the wrong type of people to the area. He wants you to rig a car with a bomb at 8-Ball's, then use that to blow it up.

A Major Malfunction

The Idaho which Jonnie wants you to use has been badly damaged already, so you've got to get to 8-Ball's and back without wrecking the car completely.

Get in the vehicle and make your way North East towards 8-Ball's bomb shop.

When you arrive, a guy called Slick will tell you 8-Ball's on the run for some reason, and explains how to use car bombs. Push A+B together when in the vehicle to arm the bomb, then once outside the car, select the detonator and push A to blow it up.

Make your way back to the bar where you'll find the target across the street, again being careful not to totally destroy the car.

Once you arrive, park it in front of the disco, arm the bomb, then get out and blow it up. The cops'll be onto you afterwards though, so you'll need to lose a 3 star wanted level. Either head to your nearby hideout and use police bribes (if you've done at least 10 vigilante missions), or just go around collecting police bribes, or head to the Pay N' Spray. Either way, once you're clear, Jonnie will want to see you back at the bar.

Mission Passed!