GTA IV: San Andreas Beta #1 Released

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Ever wondered what Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would look like with the RAGE engine from GTA IV? Well, some savvy modders have been busy putting their minds to work recreating the 2004 hit video game out of Grand Theft Auto IV...


"Founded in 2011, Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas aims to port the entire world of Rockstar North's 2004 epic Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE).

With GTA IV being the only Grand Theft Auto game to use the RAGE engine as of yet, we are currently targeting GTA IV."

Today Beta #1 of GTA IV: San Andreas was released to the public for download. For those of you with a good PC, you can try out this massive project and help the team make it even better by downloading it from their official website here. The site has some screenshots and a couple videos too including this trailer featuring the new San Fierro:

Looking awesome and this is only the beginning! When complete, this mod will be a must-have for those who loved the gameplay of San Andreas and the graphics of GTA IV! Also good for those who long for a new San Andreas for Grand Theft Auto V!

You can keep up with the mod's latest info from their website or twitter account.