Awesome Mods for GTA IV on PC

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Being 3 years old with no replacement in sight, Grand Theft Auto IV has been getting plenty of attention from the modding community. These mods range from simple physics tweaks to others that add gameplay. Take a look at some cool and/or funny mods:

No Gravity

With this mod, objects and people will fly through the air when struck. It seems to have less effect on cars but watching everything else flying away after explosions or spinning around in the air is hilarious.

First Person

For those who always wanted the GTA series to have a first person view, this mod is for you. Now you not only control Niko, you ARE him!


This is what happens when vehicles have no grip. Click here for a funny version.


Something the fans had always wanted was snow. This mod provides a great amount of detail including tire tracks appearing from vehicles.


An amazing mod that makes the game's graphics look... well... amazing. Check out this article for some still pics and decide if they are real photos or from the game.


This mod spawns various objects and allows you to place them in the game world to make ramps or other obstacles. There is a similar mod titled Build or Construct.


An epic mod we recently talked about that converts GTA IV into 2004's GTA: San Andreas. This mod is not finished yet. There is also a Vice City mod for IV in the works here.

Zombie Invasion

With this mod, pedestrians turn into ruthless zombies trying to attack you. Fight them all off as long as you can!

Heavy Cars

Become an unstoppable force with this mod. Smash other cars and make them explode!

Back to the Future

Set the date and get up to 88 miles per hour to disappear into nothingness and return with a bang. Plenty of detail in this mod.


All hell breaks loose with this mod. Spawn a ring of fire and set enemies ablaze while doing a crazy secret handshake with the devil.

First Response

Take the vigilante missions to a whole new level with this mod.

Honorable mentions:

Some other cool mods to check out:

Free Running


There are plenty of other mods to have some fun with. Post your favorites in the comments below, submit videos to our video section, and join us at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!