GTA Trilogy Mobile Sales, New SA Coming Sunday

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Adding to the 10th Anniversary of San Andreas, all three trilogy titles (GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas) are on sale for iOS, Android, and Amazon mobile devices.


San Andreas: $3.99 (save 43%) - iOS | Android | Amazon
Vice City: $2.99 (save 40%) - iOS | Android | Amazon
GTAIII: $2.99 (save 40%) - iOS | Android | Amazon

For more Rockstar titles available on mobile devices, check out the new Rockstar Games destination at the App Store or the Mobile Games and Apps section of the Downloads page. Sale ends November 9th.

Next up, yesterday we learned about a new version of San Andreas coming soon. While Rockstar Games has not posted anything on their newswire yet, the Rockstar Support page has confirmed that a new version is coming to the Xbox Marketplace this Sunday.

Question: I noticed that the Xbox Originals version of GTA: San Andreas was removed from Xbox LIVE. When will it become available again?

Answer: GTA: San Andreas on the Xbox Marketplace will be available again for purchase beginning October 26th, 2014, through Games on Demand. This version features 720p resolution, enhanced draw distance, and Achievement support.

Please note: The Games on Demand version of San Andreas is not compatible with the Xbox Originals version. Save files will not transfer from Xbox Originals. Owners of the Xbox Originals version will still have access to the old version on their consoles and through their download history, with the option to purchase the new version to experience the added features on a new save file.

They also listed the achievements from our previous post. Nothing on a new PlayStation version yet.

Lastly a reminder to enter the San Andreas iPad Mini Giveaway on Rockstar's Facebook. 10 runner-ups will get a prize pack of collectible items including a t-shirt, poker cards, and more! Enter now through end of day Wednesday, October 29th.


Enjoy and join the fun at the GTA 5 forums!