GTA III Available on PSN

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Finally! Get your hands back on Grand Theft Auto III via the PlayStation 3 by downloading it from the PlayStation Network! Unfortunately this is not an HD upgrade like the GTA III 10 Year Anniversary Edition and there are no trophies but all the better for nostalgia reasons...


"Crime does pay. Grand Theft Auto 3 puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips, if you have enough guts to take it."

After waiting quite some time the game that brought the Grand Theft Auto Series into the third dimension - and clear into the public eye - is now available to purchase and download from the PlayStation Store. GTA III is available under "PlayStation 2 Classics" and costs $10 to download to your console. The file size is 4.35 GB.

UPDATE: For those of you in Europe, the game is now available but not for everyone at this time. As per the EU PlayStation Blog: "Not available in Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE". The game costs £7.99/€9.99/AU$15.95. Australia should also see the game available for download.

Don't forget the Vice City 10 Year Anniversary is coming up soon so look for plenty more content/merchandise for that game including VC releasing on PSN too!

Enjoy and join the discussions at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!