GTA III Coming to PSN's PS2 Classics on July 31st?

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The official US PlayStation Blogcast has mentioned something very interesting. According to them, Grand Theft Auto III is coming to the PS2 Classics section of the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, July 31st. Eurogamer notes an August 1st release seems possible for those in Europe.

This is great news for those who have been waiting for GTA III to hit the PlayStation 3 (especially if you got excited the two times GTA III and VC were rated by the ESRB) but unfortunately it seems that fans won't be getting an HD upgrade. It will just be a port of the original PS2 version and will likely cost $10.

Rockstar has not said anything about it as of this posting but if the release is actually happening this Tuesday it won't be long before they confirm it. Those on the Xbox 360 will continue to be disappointed since in a recent Asked & Answered, Rockstar admitted that "compatibility issues and other technical limitations" are preventing GTA III and VC from coming to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Check out the Blogcast here or below. If you find their voices annoying as hell, they mention GTA III starting at 10:50 and end at 11:05.

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