GTA III Gaming Tips: "The Pickup"

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With the recent re-release of Grand Theft Auto III as the 10 Year Anniversary Edition - finding an entire new generation of players nimbly trying to beat mission after mission from the Leones, Yakuzas, good old Donald Love and more - it's a good time to remind not only GTA III new jacks but rusty old timers of some good solid strategies for getting the job done! Rockstar is providing more official tips for all to enjoy.

Case in point - a favor for Toni Cipriani known as 'The Pickup' - where a simple exchange of cash turns into being surrounded by gun-toting Triads out for blood. As with many missions involving potential conflict, it's best to stock full up on firepower, equip some armor, fill your health and ready an ideal getaway vehicle - before you even head to the cash pick-up.

The map legend below with locations numbered 1 through 4, correspond with the four screenshots that follow:

Use this map and the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 to find the locations shown in the next few screenshots.

Drive any vehicle to point [1] on the map, Easy Credit Autos, and crash through the window to reach the coveted Banshee. BTW - there's a hidden package inside too, if you're a collector...


Take your new vehicle south to point number [2] on the map. A Sentinel is parked near an assault rifle and armor. In order to get to the items, head near where you see the red Banshee parked below (near the health pickup).


Follow the wall past the health pickup into a small alley to point [3] on the map, and inside you'll find the assault rifle and armor ready to be attained.


Follow the map to point [4] in Chinatown and park your Banshee near the street as seen below. Position it so you can get in easily once the Triads are on your tail. It'd be wise to equip your assault rifle before moving into the alley.


Grab the mission pickup shown by a blip on the radar and run past the Triads back toward your Banshee. Waste the one standing still at the end of the alley before you get back in the car. Drive a few blocks away and watch out for more Triads driving around in a delivery truck. Once you're a safe distance away, equip the assault rifle, turn around and fire away.

Be careful to not get pulled out of the car when driving around. They'll surround you and take a significant chunk out of your health.

If you have any of your own tried and true tips for The Pickup or other general tips, let us know in the comments below or on any of our GTA III guides.

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