GTA III 10 Year Anniversary Wallpapers Available

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They're here! Get your hands on recreations of the Grand Theft Auto III wallpapers featuring [much] larger sizes for newer computer screens and smaller versions for your phone or other mobile devices! Rockstar is also giving us previously-unreleased artworks too!


"In honor of Grand Theft Auto III's 10 year anniversary, and by popular demand, you can now adorn your desktop with digital rendition wallpapers (as well as avatars and icons) commemorating the 10th Anniversary Edition of the game, coming to select mobile devices later this fall. Choose from either the original North American cover montage which introduced Grand Theft Auto's signature cover art aesthetic - or the European release action-packed montage version, each one redesigned in black and white with gold accents.

As a bonus, we've also gone back through the archives and dug up all of the originally released character artwork from Grand Theft Auto III, to provide a new set of desktops optimized for today's high definition monitors and mobile devices. You can grab all your favorites, including 8-Ball, Salvatore Leone, Misty, Donald Love and many more"


Get them all from the Rockstar download section here (or if you just want the largest size, see our GTA gallery here) and join us at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!