Original Race'n'Chase Documents aka the 1st GTA

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Check out some of the original documents used to promote DMA Design's new game Race'n'Chase to publishers back in 1995. This game would later be known as Grand Theft Auto and even later DMA would become Rockstar North.

The game design documents were scanned and posted by Mike Dailly who was among the lead designers of the game and a founding member of DMA.

Some quotes in the beginning that show the obvious roots of GTA:
"The aim of Race'n'Chase is to produce a fun, addictive and fast multiplayer car racing and crashing game which uses a novel graphics method."

"There will be three cities with a different graphic style for each city. There will be many different missions to be played in each city."

"Players will be able to drive cars and possibly other vehicles such as boats, helicopters or lorries. Cars can be stolen, raced, collided, crashed (ramraiding?) and have to be navigated about a large map. It will also be possible for players to get out of their car and steal another one."

There's pages of gameplay and design details laying out a good mental picture of what the game would consist of.

Just a month ago we posted about developer Gary Penn who described how the GTA series was almost cancelled due to bug problems and dull gameplay. This game (and series) has quite the history.

See the documents for yourself here as well as a few other goodies Mike has posted over the years. Thanks to our friends at Rockstar Network for the heads up!