Latest L.A. Noire Previews from G4TV, OPM, More

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Check out some of the latest L.A. Noire previews to hit the streets including OPM UK's cover story exclusive look at the Vice desk case, "The Black Caesar". Calling the game a 'crime classic,' the magazine lauded the blend of technology and gameplay:


"The faces, the faces. Play L.A. Noire for the first time and it's impossible not to be drawn in.. They're immediately striking, with Motionscan technology providing a level of detail that I've never seen in a game before." - OPM UK

Here's just a sample of a few other new previews from around the web:

Giant Bomb: "Certainly you know you are looking at a game character, but I can't recall a time when I've seen anything this believable and realistic. Lip movements are phenomenal and accurate, with none of the awkward fish-mouthed movements one tends to associate with games. More impressive are the eyes, which don't just dart around based on random algorithms or stare straight ahead at you, like a dead-eyed automaton. Interrogating a suspect, you see the subtle movements, the wrinkles in their brow, the throwaway looks downward that signal something might be amiss. I'm trying to avoid hyperbole because, again, this was just a 30-minute demo. But over the course of that demo, I saw such a wide array of expressions and facial features that frankly, I just couldn't help but be impressed."
>>> Read more here. "Rockstar may be known for developing games that push the envelope of what should be viewed and done in games – especially with the Grand Theft Auto franchise... L.A. Noire is looking to deliver a strong, mature, and adult experience that no game before it has been able to produce and, with this type of delivery, forever change the way people view mature games... without question, L.A. Noire was the PAX East 'Game of Show'. That isn't a knock to any of the other great titles on the expo floor, because there were plenty, but what was shown by L.A. Noire felt revolutionary and has the opportunity to be a true game industry changer."
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G4TV: "...a near-literal translation of L.A. Confidential into an actual video game experience, with a lot more scope added to it. Seeing Los Angeles from the late 1940's turned into a living, breathing world is amazing, and Rockstar [and Team Bondi] motion-scanned over 400 extras to populate the world with people who help complete that illusion. I've left a lot of detail out here, as I don't want to spoil this game and the excitement of investigation for anyone. It's enough to hear or read about this game, but to see where it truly shines, you really need to experience it for yourself."
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This game is definitely shaping up to be the next Game of the Year!