Multiplayer Events this Weekend

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In celebration of tomorrow's release of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City Rockstar is hosting several XBox LIVE special multiplayer events this weekend!

The best part is, in order to ensure that every player who wants to join in on the fun can, XBox LIVE Multiplayer will be absolutely FREE ALL WEEKEND for non-Gold LIVE members playing Grand Theft Auto IV, the Lost and Damned, and the Ballad of Gay Tony!

So, from October 30th through November 1st you can log into LIVE and face off against the best that Liberty City has to offer! Also you'll be playing with (and against) players from Rockstar North and Henry Santos Jeter from the latin megaband Aventura and host of the new Santiago Mix on San Juan Sounds!
Here's the full schedule of the multiplayer events:

Friday, October 30th 5 - 10 PM ET
Game with Developers session featuring members of the Rockstar North team.
Be on the lookout for these Gamertags: GwRockstar1, GwRockstar2, GwRockstar3, GwRockstar4, GwRockstar5, GwRockstar6, GwRockstar7, GwRockstar8, GwRockstar9, GwRockstar10, GwRockstar11, GwRockstar12, GwRockstar13, GwRockstar14, GwRockstar15, GwRockstar16

Saturday, October 31st
Xbox LIVE All-nighter
Jump in to Xbox LIVE and play Grand Theft Auto from dusk til dawn with the Xbox LIVE community.

Sunday, November 1st 3 - 5 PM ET
Game with Fame session featuring Henry Santos Jeter of Aventura. (Gamertag: GwFHenryHH)

Don't forget that after you've had all the multiplayer fun you can stand you should log into the Rockstar Social Club to see where you stand worldwide on the all new multiplayer leaderboards that launch Thursday!