Exclusive Vehicles In Gay Tony

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When you live an over-the-top lifestyle in the center of Liberty City's glitzy nightlife you need more then the average ways of getting around town in style. That's why Rockstar is introducing (and in some cases reintroducing) new, and exclusive, vehicles for The Ballad of Gay Tony! We've got new helicopters, cars, sports cars, motorcycles and speed boats to choose from, no wonder people are excited about this upcoming DLC!

By Air you can fly though the skies on the brand new Buzzard and Swift helicopters. See Liberty City the way it's meant to be seen, by air!

By Water there's the Smuggler speedboat. Known as the best way to smuggle cocaine out of South America and past Homeland Security into the United States.

By Land we're welcoming back the Vice City favorites the Faggio & Caddy, and also welcoming for the first time new cars such as the Buffalo, Super Diamond, Serrano, Bullet, and F620. Also we're getting the N.O.O.S.E. Armored Personnel Carrier, great for smashing though rush hour traffic!

Look for more information on these new BoGT vehicles, and other news, in the weeks to come!