Rockstar Event Details: EFLC on the PS3

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Rockstar has posted some useful information about the multiplayer event tomorrow for Episodes from Liberty City on the PlayStation 3.


QUOTE: Rockstar
Tomorrow, April 27th from 4-7 PM Eastern we’ll be online playing the multiplayer modes of The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned on PSN – and of course live streaming it all and hosting a chat at the Social Club Multiplayer Events page for everyone who can’t get online to play.

Here’s all the details you’ll need to participate.

We'll begin the event with a game of Team Deathmatch. You will be able to find members of the Rockstar team by getting in a party of at least two people. Once you've gathered your party, use the in-game cellphone to select Games > Team Deathmatch.

Cant jump in and play? Follow all the action at the Social Club Multiplayer Events page. As usual, we'll have a live streaming video broadcast of the in-game action plus a chat box so you can discuss all of the action with other gamers.

Look below for specific directions you can follow to get online, grab a partner, and jump into the fray!

We'll begin the event in Team Deathmatch in The Lost and Damned which needs to be started via Party Mode using the in-game cellphone. Make sure that your team size is at least two people for the first round of play. By starting up Team Deathmatch from Party Mode, you will be automatically placed in special lobbies together with us and other event participants. More info on using Party Mode is listed below.

As the event progresses, we'll be playing more multiplayer modes in The Lost and Damned. We'll switch over to The Ballad of Gay Tony at around the halfway point. Keep your eyes on the chat to stay completely up to date on which modes we're playing!

Hit up the chatbox during the event or just post your PlayStation Network ID in the Comments section below.

Participating PlayStation Network Rockstar Games IDs for the event will be:
  • PlayRockstar1
  • PlayRockstar2
  • PlayRockstar3
  • PlayRockstar4
Only add one PSN ID to your friends list to play.

Episodes from Liberty City's in-game Party Mode is an easy way to get your group together and find matches. Here are the three quick and easy steps to get you up and running:
  1. Save your current game. To get started, fire up the in-game mobile phone by pressing "Up" on the keyboard. Select Multiplayer > Party Mode > Yes.
  2. Next, open up your phone again and select the Friends option to invite at least one person into your Party Mode game.
  3. Once your team is ready to roll, open up the in-game phone again and select Games > Team Deathmatch.
  4. We'll be giving instructions and updates in the chat box on the modes we'll be playing as the afternoon rolls on. See you there...