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For those who still haven't picked up or downloaded your copy of Episodes from Liberty City, here's more reasons to:

"Ultimately, the game's ending genuinely encapsulates the fifty-odd hours I invested in Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360, and after logging in my fair share of hours on this other version, I’m confident that PS3 owners will feel the same way. Life goes on for these characters… and it’s a rewardingly upbeat celebration of the time you’ve invested in the world. If you've stuck with [Grand Theft Auto IV] for these nearly two years, you absolutely must play Episodes from Liberty City." 5/5 -

“These two essential new chapters for Grand Theft Auto IV are now available for Playstation 3 or PC on a low-price standalone disc. This will be one of the best value add-ons you’ll ever encounter. Two all-new story arcs set within the world of Grand Theft Auto IV, both taking several hours to complete, and with terrific multiplayer modes extending the pleasure.” 5/5 – Yahoo Games UK

“As essential as Grand Theft Auto IV itself – these episodes are nothing short of epic… There’s really no good reason for you not to jump back in to Liberty City – the concrete jungle where nightmares are made of.” 97/100 – GamesMaster UK

EFLC is out for Xbox 360 and now PlayStation 3 plus PC! Talk it up in our forums!