Episodes From Liberty City Deals

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You have probably already heard a lot about GTA: Episodes From Liberty City, which is coming out on 29th of October and will come packed with both the Lost and Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony expansions for GTA IV. The RRP is $40/£35, but Amazon is doing a rather nice deal on its online store.

You can buy EFLC in the US store for $34.99, with an additional $5 Amazon giftcard for a pre-order, essentially saving you ten dollars on the game if you intend to buy from Amazon again.

UK players will be even more pleased because you will be able to pre-order the pack for £24.99 - a full saving of £10 with no strings attached with regards to where you can spend that money later on.

As it currently stands, these are the best deals we know of for the Episodes From Liberty City pack, so if want it, we suggest you put your pre-order down right now!